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Hello there! My name is Luca Bermúdez, I am an illustrator, tattooer, artist and dreamer with Swiss and Colombian roots. My passion for drawing stems from a long time of drawing dinosaurs, dragons and other epic creatures which led to me studying scientific illustration.

I am deeply fascinated by the beauty of this world - by all it’s creatures, plants, rocks, the cycle of life and death, the wonders of our imaginations, the frighteningly incomprehensible and the darkest depths of our universe. My goal is to bring this inspiration through a mix of surrealism and illustrative drawings under your skin.

I see tattooing as a unique form of artistic self expression which enhances the beauty of the body and personality. Together we will find the best design, shape and placement for you. My goal is to make our session as comfortable as I can in our studio that is a safe space for all.

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